Sanid organization warns of the dangers of Hurricane Kiar

A source in charge of the Environmental Protection Unit of Sanid warned of the environmental and catastrophic dangers posed by the approaching of tropical storm (Kiar) from the coastal areas of The Mahara, Hadramout and Aden provinces to the citizens in those areas.
“In this regard, the organization expressed its deep concern, calling on international and local organizations to quickly coordinate with local authorities and provide emergency relief assistance in case of any repercussions or losses that may result from Tropical Storm Kiar.”
The head of the organization, Mohammed Al Kubous, stressed the organization’s readiness to overcome the difficulties for international organizations to provide relief support and the needs of the people of the targeted areas, stressing in this respect the need to coordinate with the local authorities and concerned authorities and form operating rooms to raise the readiness to deal With any emergency caused by this storm.
He added that the organization and through the environmental protection unit have begun to coordinate and communicate with donors and international organizations and participate with rescue teams to support the efforts of the government and local authorities in providing the necessary support and providing relief, medical and shelter needs to citizens in areas within the Expected path