values and principles:

• Humanity:
We seek to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected with a high professionalism and adhere to international humanitarian principles and respect for human rights.

• Acting without prejudice or discrimination:
working to provide aid to the affected population without discrimination on nationality, race, religious or sectarian beliefs, or political opinions. Providing support and assistance to the most needy and most vulnerable families and priority is given to the most vulnerable families.
•Transparency and clarity: We deal clearly, transparently and with integrity in all our dealings, reports and projects.

• Accountability: 
accountable to stakeholders, donors, direct beneficiaries, partners and the government, and with obtaining the necessary information and clarifications about their interests and the mechanism for working on resource management to ensure transparency, fairness, justice and equality.

• Trust:
Confirmation of mutual trust and credibility between us and our partners and beneficiaries. Everyone can trust Sanid Organization.

• The initiative:

We seek to achieve the best creative ideas and institutional practices and encourage community participation.


We are committed to continuous development and constructive learning for our associates and partners.

• Partnership:

We cooperate and coordinate with international organizations, societies and agencies related to humanitarian work locally and globally in order to achieve integration in humanitarian work and the quality of programs.