Education is a fundamental human right for all children and youth. A quality education provides children and young people with the skills, capacities and confidence they need to allow them to live lives that they have reason to value. Education creates the voice through which other rights can be claimed and protected.

Projects guide

  • Teaching aids

  • Providing books

  • Teaching supplies uniform, bag , boots

  • Schools rehabilitation

  • Building school classrooms

  • Building restrooms and Toilets

  • Awareness sessions

  • Providing chairs

We aim to ensure that all displaced children and youth enjoy quality education that is relevant to their psychosocial, emotional and cognitive development, from the start of emergencies. Displaced children and youth are highly marginalised in accessing quality education.

We promote and support the inclusion of IDP and refugee children and youth into formal education systems, so they can benefit from an accredited education that allows them to progress through all levels of the education system.