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Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) is a non–governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization that works independently in the whole country of Yemen. The Organization was officially stablished and registered in July 8, 2014 by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Office under license No (1013), although it commenced operation as a youth initiative in 2013. The Main Office of SORD is located in Sana’a with another office in Aden. Sanid has recently established foreign liaison offices, which operate under the jurisdiction and regulations of the foreign countries. SORD was granted a special consultative status by the Economic and Social Council on July 7, 2019 and has adopted and registered in the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief.

SORD has recently introduced a new computer program titled “ERP system” that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of managing its programs, projects and daily operational activities in a systematic manner and generates the required reports and data for the donors and management on time. It is managed by qualified cadres, a network of volunteers and coordinators inside and outside Yemen. The organization is supervised by a board of trustees comprising a number of social figures with long experience in the field of work Human and development, taking into account the gender in its composition. They have clear functions and powers. In addition to a consultative body comprising a group of experts, consultants and academics specialized in various fields of humanitarian work.

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Active contribution to the achievement of SDGs promotion and development of the Yemeni population economically and socially.
Provision of lifesaving services and relief assistance for the vulnerable people, poorest families , marginalized groups, and people with special need deeply affected by  armed conflict and natural resources .
Empowerment of women, children , youth and marginalized through education, which an effective tool for empowerment and improvement of their livelihoods .

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Sanid Organization for Relief and Development has been striving to actively contribute to achievement of  SDGs through creating  better living standards for all categories of the population with particular emphases on women, children ,youth and people with special needs in partnership with the local and international NGOs and in accordance with humanitarian principles , high quality and excellent values.

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To be pioneering organization in all programs of humanitarian response and active participation in the achievement of sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Principles and values

Humanitarian: We seek to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by high professionalism and commitment to international humanitarian principles and respect for human rights.

Work without prejudice or discrimination: work to provide assistance to the affected population without distinction or discrimination based on nationality, race, religious, sectarian or political views. Providing support and assistance to needy families and giving priority to the most vulnerable households.

Transparency and clarity: We deal clearly, transparently and fairly in all our transactions, reports and projects.

Accountability: Issues before stakeholders, donors, direct beneficiaries, partners and government. They have the right to obtain the necessary information and clarifications about their interests. The mechanism for managing resources to ensure transparency, fairness, fairness and equality.

Trust: Confirming trust and mutual trust between us and our partners and beneficiaries.

Initiative: We strive to achieve the best creative ideas and institutional practices and encourage community participation.

Learning: We commit ourselves to the continuous development and constructive learning of our partners and partners.

Partnership: We cooperate and coordinate between international organizations, associations and agencies related to humanitarian work locally and globally, so as to achieve integration in humanitarian work and quality programs.