1. Work to develop and promote the rights of human societies economically and socially, build peace, and participate in achieving sustainable development goals by the year 2030.

2.  Providing life-saving services and urgent relief assistance to the most vulnerable groups, poor families, marginalized groups and people with special needs affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters.
3. Ensuring the family’s self-sufficiency in producing healthy food and agricultural and animal products through the farm attached to the dwelling in which the family members work themselves using natural means that do not pollute the environment in a way that preserves family members’ health and avoids many diseases.

 4. Empowerment and protection of women, children, youth and vulnerable and most vulnerable groups through education and rehabilitation to improve their livelihoods in a sustainable manner and integrate the elderly into society.

 5. Contribute to the protection of the environment with its living and non-living components and components.

6. Contribute to the protection of cultural, civilizational and historical heritage.