SORD works to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable people during crisis.

Protection is about safety, dignity, and rights. It is about people being safe from the harm or abuse others might cause them when armed conflict or disaster leaves them vulnerable.
A commitment to protection underlies all humanitarian action. Grounded in human rights law, international humanitarian law, and refugee law, it is central to our mission to assist displaced and vulnerable people.

SORD works to reduce risks of harm and rights abuses, and to assist people to exercise their rights. For example:

  • Education programmes that provide safe educational spaces make children and youth less vulnerable. Here, they are less exposed to harassment and forced recruitment by armed groups in conflict areas.
  • Youth education programmes reduce negative coping mechanisms and exposure to harm. This can reduce the risk of early marriage, forced sex trade, child labour, and isolation and tension at home.
  • Information, counselling and legal assistance in conjunction with housing, land, and property rights reduces the chance of displaced families being evicted.
  • Shelter programmes can reduce negative coping mechanisms and promote access to other services and rights. For example, fewer displaced families have to remove their children from school when they receive rent support in urban areas.

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