An Urgent Attention issued by Sanid Organization for Relief and Development

An Urgent Attention issued by Sanid Organization for Relief and Development Sanid Organization for Relief and Development calls for urgent relief to the international community and international and humanitarian organizations to act quickly and to be aware of the dangers and humanitarian disaster facing the people of the regions within the geographical areas of the armed conflicts in some areas of Yemen (Al-Bayda, Aden, Lahj, Taiz, ), and to take the rapid pace of intervention and provide urgent and necessary relief to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of communities in the conflict geography. As a result, and as a humanitarian relief organization in Yemen, Sanid Organization issued this statement/attention, expressing its concern at the ongoing deterioration for the humanitarian situation in Yemen as a whole and in areas of armed conflict in particular. Sanid organization, therefore, calls on all the parties of the conflict in Yemen to abide by the principles of dialogue, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence as a humanitarian requirement called by all the norms of the universe. It is important to renounce violence and extremism and to prevent the outbreak of conflicts and destructive conflicts for the capabilities and potentials of the world as a whole, urging everyone to exploit the global and humanitarian capacity and efforts towards the building and prosperity of nations and peoples and spread peace in all parts of the world.  

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