Osman Consulting is expanding in the Middle East countries as they signed a partnership agreement with Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD), a Local NGO legally registered and established in the Republic with Offices in Cairo, Jordan and USA.  Osman Consulting visited Yemen during the period 4th – 15th May, 2019  where they conducted meetings with the International NGOs and UN agencies in both Aden and Sana’a with emphasis on WFP, UNHCR, IOM and UNICEF and discussed the possibility of conducting training courses and workshops in emergency responses for the humanitarian workers to cope with increasing emergency requirements direly needed by the displaced families, IDPs and marginalized families in the  fields of emergency relief and humanitarian intervention during the armed conflict and natural disasters.

Osman Consulting also discussed the provision of shelter/NFIs and relief supplies for the displaced families, IDPs and Refugees in Yemen so that can participate in reducing the intensity of sufferings inflicted on the displaced families, IDPs and people of concern as a result of the prolonged ingoing armed conflict in Yemen. Osman established a duly equipped office in the HQ of Sanid Organization for Relief and Development and another office in Aden as permanent addresses in the Republic where they will perform their daily activities in coordination with SORD as Osman is planning to expand their existence and availability in the neighboring countries such as Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia.

In view of its interest and willingness  to expand its humanitarian and relief services, Osman paid a visit to both the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the National Authority for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. And discussed the necessity of providing emergency shelter supplies and nonfood items to alleviate their sufferings which was greatly welcomed . Both  the Ministry and the National Authoirity expressed appreciation and promised to provide the necessary support and assistance.