The Leaders of Sanid Organization and its offices in the provinces concluded their consultative meeting. The leaders of Sanid organization and managers of its offices in the provinces participated in a consultative meeting to evaluate the humanitarian situation in Yemen and endeavors to develop mechanisms for the organization work and its branches, making it able to achieve emergency response for the humanitarian needs and coordination between the local organizations and agencies. In a statement, Al-Kabos said that the meeting has come up with several human international results and recommendations which can help Sanid to develop mechanisms for its work, projects and programs. He added that Sanid strives to promote and develop the community economically and social development especially for youth, women, children and people with special needs. Finally he said that Sanid also provides relief for the emergency cases for the affected people by the disasters and wars through an effective partnership with the international government and non-government institutions and agencies with transparency and professionalism. Under the Patronage of brigadier Abdulqader Hilal, Sanid Organization opened its 1st Secondary Meeting Under the Patronage of brigadier Abdulqader Hilal, Sanid Organization represented by Mr. Hamoud Mohammed, representative of the sector of social affairs and labor , member of the admin board in the secretariat launched the 1st secondary meeting for the boards, committees, and units of Sanid organization. The event was held on Sunday in 27/3/2016 in the meeting room in Al-Khateeb restaurant. The meeting comes to as an inauguration for the 2016-2010 strategic plan of Sanid organization and discuss issues including re-structuring the organizational structure of Sanid to best suite its work and responsibilities. In the meeting included several speeches, discussions and dialogues which can develop its activities and activate the branches and offices in Yemen and abroad since its has branches and offices in all the provinces in Yemen and also branches in some European and East Asian countries.