Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday, 31 December 2018

Today which coincides Monday, December 31, 2018,  A workshop was held in the Office of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in the Governorate of Ma’arib. The workshop  was attended by the following Senior Public Officers

  • Assistant Director General of the Office of the Ministry of Public Health and population (MoPHP) in Ma’arib Governorate
  • Director General of Al-Thowrah Public Hospital in Al-Baidha Governorate.
  • Director of Primary Healthcare
  • Director of the branch of the National AIDS Control Program, Ahmed Al-Dhahiri.
  • Manager of of Sanid Branch in AlBaidhah Governorate,
  • A number of representatives of CSO and NGOs in the Governorate.

The participants  discussed extensively the issue of the spread of the AIDS epidemic in the governorate of  Al Baidha as the Manager of the AIDS Control program has of  confirmed that more than 20 cases which  were registered and diagnosed were found positive and called on all the NGOs and  CSOs to .. Calling organizations to play a crucial role in the elimination, fight and combat this communicable life threatening disease in the governorate.

In Conclusion, the participants the root causes and reason for the spread of the disease and its negative consequences on the public health of the population. It was also discussed the importance of conducting awareness sessions to educate the people on the risks, preventive measures and  means of elimination through launching awareness campaigns  at the district and governorate so that the disease  could be easily contained and spread to other governorates be curtailed.

Finally, the representative of Sanid Organization in the Governorate  stressed the necessity of taking immediate action and expressed the willingness of the organization in providing the technical and financial support to combat the disease which will be included in the  2019 planned budget.

The meeting was wrapped and all the participants expressed their strong commitments to eradicate the disease and seek technical and medical support from related donors.