Enhancing response capacity of humanitarian actors

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far in 2019, approximately 45,200 households, or 271,000 individuals have been displaced.So far Sana'a has been one of the most displaced destinations. The proposed project will support the 2019 Humanitarian Preparedness Plan through the prepositioning of NFI/Shelter stock to the IDPs in Qa'a Al-riqa, Hamdan district, Sana'a Governorate.


As the crisis and armed conflict continues within Yemen, and expands from one territory to another, displacement continues to increase by time, far in 2019, approximately 45,200 households, or 271,000 individuals have been displaced. They live in Inadequate living conditions,Lack of basic living items (NFIs), lack of funds to purchase items and Lack of Health care which make many diseases spread among most vulnerable people


The project will Provide life-saving and life-sustaining shelters and shelter solutions and non-food items to the most vulnerable in liveable and dignified settings. It will enhance the humanitarian response capacity within Yemen through Providing families with suitable temporary shelters capable to provide safe living environment.

Long-Term Impact

The project will provide families with stuffiest materials to insure proper sustainability with minimum standards. It will provide emergency assistance by providing mattresses, blankets and some necessary equipment that will help IDPs to live in dignity for along time. The problem of WASH is going to be tackled through establishing water containers and constructing W.C.s. Thus, diseases spred among the IDPs could be reduced.[gallery size="full" ids="6058,6057,6056,6055,6054,6053"]