On Monday, December 14, 2020, Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD), funded by the Indonesian ACT Foundation, implemented the distribution of emergency aid for the sixth consecutive round to vulnerable families and IDPs in Ablas area ,Hamadan District, Sana’a Governorate.
The activity of distributing food baskets targeted 83 families of severely malnourished children in (Ablas) area and the displaced families in the area, according to the criteria of the National Food Cluster (FSAC).
The activity also included the distribution of (35 emergency food baskets) to the families of orphaned children and vulnerable HHs in the areas surrounding Ablas area.
For their part, the beneficiaries expressed their thanks and appreciation for all aids provided to them by ACT Foundation in cooperation with SORD. In addition, the needy, IDPs and HHs that have not been targeted have appealed to all organizations concerned with this aspect to target them and continue food, shelter and medicine aid. Due to the difficult living conditions these families are going through, they are unable to face them. So, they are asking for expanding the scope of distribution in order to meet their basic and emergency needs.