This is a special appeal from Sanid Organization for Relirf and Development (SORD) to you and other supporters on behalf of their Protecting 1469 Yemeni children from malnutrition  project on GlobalGiving.

This year has been difficult for all of us. As the holidays approach, (the Yemeni children) continue to face death due to sever malnutrition, destructive on-going armed conflict, and the outbreak of Covid-19 which has made the catastrophe more problematic.

Today ,  December 1, from (local time matching begins and ends), GlobalGiving is giving away one million dollars to nonprofits around the world. Your gift will help us unlock a greater share of those funds!

No matter the obstacles, with donations of kind philanthropic people like you, Together, we will provide treatment to the children suffering from malnutrition in the targeted area through providing them with the proper  nutrition, medicine and health care. The clinic , where the beneficiaries are going to be treated, are planned to be equipped , furnished and supplied by necessary medicines. The awareness of the pregnant and lactating women are going to be raised through training  and workshops and teaching them how to share their new knowledge with their neighbors


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