With funding from MTN company, the team of  Sanid Organization for Relief and Development in Al Hudaydah Governorate implemented an urgent relief project. About 500 displaced families in Al-Zaydiyah district benefited from this project.
The emergency relief project targets families displaced by the armed conflict, and the aid was a food basket consisting of 50 kg of flour, 10 kg of rice, 10 kg of sugar, and 4 liters of oil as an aid to alleviate the livelihoods of the displaced.
The Executive Director of Sanid Organization stated that there are hundreds of displaced families in the Tuhami Tape spreading the land and the sky is wrapped in harsh living conditions and an urgent need for basic needs, especially water, food and medicine

He also thanked MTN for its generous support for the urgent relief project and his hope that the benefactors, businessmen and commercial companies in Yemen, as well as local, regional and humanitarian and relief agencies, would cooperate with Sanid Organization and other relief institutions to alleviate the difficulty of the deteriorating life situation imposed by the conditions. The war against the Yemeni people, which the poor bear most of, especially the victims of forced displacement.