An introduction to the Organization

          Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD): A civil, independent, non-governmental non-profitable organization specializing in humanitarian relief and development programs, established as a youth initiative in (2013), established by a group of legal and academic business people from Yemen, Britain, and America, which started to carry out their activities as a legal entity under the license issued by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. (1013) of (2014). In Yemen, its headquarters are in (the Republic of Yemen). Its offices are Sana’a – Aden – Taiz – Hadhramaut – Mukalla. There are also a number of local implementing partners and coordinators in all governorates. The organization has two offices outside the Republic of Yemen, operating within the framework of laws that regulate work in the humanitarian and development field and the protection of the environment and heritage in these countries, and has obtained advisory membership for the United Nations Economic and Social Council on ( July 7th  – 2019 ).

(SORD)  has updated, developed and raised the efficiency of its management by introducing a comprehensive protected program and electronic system that works to manage funds and grants and links financial, administrative, technical and operational regulations and manuals and is characterized by high speed and accuracy to extract data and reports required for donors and management of the organization and the Board of Trustees to take administrative and technical decisions. It  has trained and qualified The staff working on its operation, knowing that the organization has qualified cadres, and a network of volunteers and coordinators inside and outside Yemen, and the organization’s work is supervised by a board of trustees that includes a number of social members  with great  experience in the field of humanitarian and development work, and the protection of the environment and heritage takes  with  clear tasks and powers, in addition to an advisory body that includes a group of experts, consultants and academics specialized in the various fields of humanitarian work.

The Vision:
Pioneering the implementation of the humanitarian response and urgent interventions in all relief programs and active participation in achieving the goals of sustainable development by (2030).

The Message:

Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) seeks to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030 by creating better living standards for all segments of society, focusing on women, children, youth, people with special needs and the marginalized, and integrating the elderly in society. . Building peace in partnership with local and international community organizations in accordance with the principles of common humanity. It is based on quality and excellence, in addition to seeking to protect Yemeni cultural and civilizational heritage at all levels, protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, achieving sustainable development goals, and caring for animals, whether in their original habitat or preserving them. In captivity…

The Objectives:
1- Work to develop and promote the rights of human societies economically and socially, build peace, and participate in achieving sustainable development goals by the year 2030.
2- Providing life-saving services and urgent relief assistance to the most vulnerable groups, poor families, marginalized groups and people with special needs affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters.
3 Ensuring the family’s self-sufficiency in producing healthy food and agricultural and animal products through the farm attached to the dwelling in which the family members work themselves using natural means that do not pollute the environment in a way that preserves family members’ health and avoids many diseases.
4 – Empowerment and protection of women, children, youth and vulnerable and most vulnerable groups through education and rehabilitation to improve their livelihoods in a sustainable manner and integrate the elderly into society.
5- Contribute to the protection of the environment with its living and non-living components and components.
6- Contribute to the protection of cultural, civilizational and historical heritage.

Values ​​and principles:

  • Humanity:
    seek to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected with a high professionalism and adhere to international humanitarian principles and respect for human rights. 
  • Acting without prejudice or discrimination:
    Working to provide aid to the affected population without discrimination on nationality, race, religious or sectarian beliefs, or political opinions. Providing support and assistance to the most needy and most vulnerable families and priority is given to the most vulnerable families.
    •Transparency and clarity:
    deal clearly, transparently and with integrity in all our dealings, reports and projects.
    • Accountability:
    Accountable to stakeholders, donors, direct beneficiaries, partners and the government, and with obtaining the necessary information and clarifications about their interests and the mechanism for working on resource management to ensure transparency, fairness, justice and equality.
  • Trust:
    of mutual trust and credibility between us and our partners and beneficiaries. Everyone can trust Sanid Organization.
    • The initiative:
    We seek to achieve the best creative ideas and institutional practices and encourage community participation.
    are committed to continuous development and constructive learning for our associates and partners.
    • Partnership:
    We cooperate and coordinate with international organizations, societies and agencies related to humanitarian work locally and globally in order to achieve integration in humanitarian work and the quality of programs.

Fields of work of the Organization:
 ♥ Water, environmental sanitation and public health to reduce disease and epidemic risk.
♥ Food security and malnutrition programs, and providing aid and assistance to poor and destitute families.
♥ Temporary shelter for affected families.
♥ Purposefully participate in formal peace processes or implement a peace agreement by providing innovative, realistic and practical solutions to conflict.
♥ Purposefully participate in formal peace processes or implement a peace agreement by providing innovative, realistic and practical solutions to conflict.
♥ Protection programs in the field of women and children and ending violence against children.
♥ Training, qualification and continuous development programs for staff, partners and target communities.
♥ Protection programs for women and children.
♥ Education improvement and quality programs.
♥ Rehabilitation programs for women and empower them to participate in the community in all fields.
♥ Statistics, evaluation and monitoring programs, and conducting field surveys.
♥ Food programs and emergency interventions.
♥ Sustainable development and capacity building programs.
♥ Programs for the development and advancement of agriculture, both plant and animal, and agricultural industrialization.
♥ Programs to protect cultural, civilizational and historical heritage, and conduct studies and plans to advance Yemeni heritage.
Contribution programs to protect the environment with its components and living elements, including animals, plants, birds and water sources, and to protect the air from pollution as well as endangered species.


Activities to   Achieve the Goals
The Organization Works to Achieve its Objectives Through the Following Activities:
1- Helping those affected during conflicts, crises and disasters and     increase their access to safe drinking water and public use.
2- Assisting targeted and vulnerable families by increasing their access to essential and necessary services that represent food-shelter-water and sanitary materials related to hygiene necessary for decent living and good health.
3- Purposefully participate in formal peace processes or the implementation of a peace agreement.
4- Improving the situation of the elderly and integrating them into society and making the necessary programs for them.
5- Helping families to produce healthy food, agricultural and animal products through the farm attached to the dwelling, in which family members work themselves using natural means that do not pollute the environment in a way that preserves family members’ health and avoids many diseases.
6- Improving the situation of the elderly and their integration into society and increasing their sense of “inclusion”.
7- Increasing societal awareness of disease and epidemic risks and their prevalence, and ways to prevent them.
8- Rehabilitating and training Yemeni youth to keep pace with scientific and practical developments.
9- Rehabilitating and training women to be able to participate in various fields.
10- Implementing field surveys, conducting studies and statistics, and conducting evaluation and follow-up programs for field activities.
11- Preparing needs reports in the affected areas, which were exposed to various kinds of disasters.
12- Implementing awareness-raising events in the areas of protecting cultural heritage to raise the level of human awareness.
13- Rehabilitating and training Yemeni cadres specialized in the fields of restoration and maintenance of manuscripts in order to give them more experiences through specialized trainers.
14- Working with the competent authorities to review and assess the state of the environment, develop monitoring tools, collecting information and conduct environmental studies.
15- Coordinating with the relevant authorities to prepare periodic reports on the state of the environment in the Republic of Yemen, to prepare environmental information infrastructure and to establish the environmental databases necessary to assess the state of the environment.

International Partners:


ORGANIZATION :Osman Consulting Ltd
Country :UK
Partnership AC.DATE  : 5th of May 2018

ORGANIZATION : Aflatoun International Network
Country : The Netherlands
Partnership AC.DATE  : 24th  AUGUST 2019

ORGANIZATION : German International Organization  For Development and Peace (GIODP)
Country : Deutsche
Partnership AC.DATE  : Thursday 10TH SEPTEMPER 2020

ORGANIZATION : Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)
Country : Indonesia
Partnership AC.DATE  : 

ORGANIZATION : Global Peace Mission (GPM)
Country : Malaysia
Partnership AC.DATE  : 1ST JAN 2019

Country :UK – USA
Partnership AC.DATE  :24TH OF SEPT 2018

ORGANIZATION : The Kuwaiti Humanitarian Women Team
Country : KUWAIT
Partnership AC.DATE  :  2018


Country : YEMEN
Partnership AC.DATE  :  2018


Republic of Yemen

1-   Address: Algeria Street – adjacent to the Office of (UNHCR) of United Nation For high Commissioner Refugees
Tel: + 967775433335    + 9671205757

3- Taiz Office:Al-Bab Al-Kabeer (Great Gate) , Old City, next to Al-Jumhuriya St, Al-Muzaffar District.
Tel:  +9674252792

2- Aden Office Address:Mansoura,- 90th Street, next to the rotherhood Restaurant.
Tel: + 967775433335 +967- 2-280552

 4-  Hadhramout office :Makala Directorate Diss area Main Street Next to the Department of Water and Sanitation.
Tel:+ 967775433335 +967- 5 -300153

The UK Registered Office Address for Sanid Organization for Relief and Development:182-184 HIGH STREET NORTH EAST HAM LONDON ENGLAND E6 2JA
Company Number :13587085

* Office –  USA , New York City