Sanid has implemented the Emergency Response Project in the field of shelter

The press release of the shelter project

With funding from the Danish Refugee Council, Sanid distributed a number of refugee bags for displaced persons in the Abes district of Hajjah province

Sanid organization for Relief and Development has implemented the Emergency Response Project in the field of shelter, the Distribution of Home Materials (NFIs) for 302 accommodation bags provided by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC).  The distribution included displaced and rain-affected families.

 According to the filing of statements from the representatives of the National Authority of the Directorate to the office of the National Authority in the province and then conducted verification through the visit of the team of the local organization to assess the damage in the directorate of Abs isolation of Beni Thaup.

the Distribution consist of 6-brush sponge 6-blankets 6-mat2-bucket water 2-million-kitchen ware.

 Sanid organization confirmed that it seeks during this period and in cooperation with the housing and shelter bloc and DRC to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and their families whose living suffering has increased, and their conditions have worsened even more, especially in Tihama due to the war and armed seizures, and the rains especially in this rainy period as many of the The people living in the tents have been damaged or rather gone and these displaced people have no shelter or housing because the floods and rains have destroyed everything they have.

Therefore, it was necessary to make some relief interventions, and through the appeals reached for the National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response and civil society organizations, they in turn communicated with international organizations working in the humanitarian field and joined efforts and were met Appeals from the Shelter and Shelter Bloc and in cooperation with the official agencies and partners of the bloc of organizations, Sanid organization for Relief and Development was one of the organizations that initiated the implementation as part of the emergency response project to distribute shelter materials for those affected by the rains in Hajjah governorate of Abs Directorate.

The president of Sanid organization pointed out that this distribution of accommodation assistance is not the first and will not be the last, but will be pledged by the aid of the displaced and affected by the rains and conflicts in the Directorate of Abs, as expressed the president of the organization thanked and grateful to the Danish Council for Refugees DRC for its continued support For displaced people, he called on all others to pay attention to this group of society and provide them with support.