​​​SORD Organization implements Ramadan projects that benefit more than 1125 families and thousands of people in need in the capital city Sana’a funding from the Kuwaiti Humanitarian Women Team.

With funding from the Kuwaiti Humanitarian Women Team – Kuwait and a number of good Yemeni businessmen, Sanid Organization for Relief and Development – Yemen is implementing a number of Ramadan projects for the year 1436, which varied this season between breaking the fast, distributing dry materials and distributing dates.The director of the organization’s emergency relief department – the Ramadan Projects Officer, said that Sanid funded, with contributions from the Kuwaiti women’s humanitarian team, four central charitable kitchens in the capital city Sana’a, distributed to four directorates. He explained that the charitable kitchens project was distributed as follows: Kitchen No. 1 in the Directorate (Al-Safia), which is implemented in cooperation with the Grass Foundation, and around 850 individuals benefit from it daily, distributed over 200 families, with an average of 5 members per family. Kitchen No. 2 in the Al-Tahrir District, through which dry food was distributed on Mondays and Thursdays weekly, more than 200 needy families benefited from it.

Kitchen No. 3 in the (Al Wahda) Directorate, which was implemented in the field (the Youth Committee at Hajar Mosque), and in this kitchen the cooked materials were distributed to reach about 225 poor families, in addition to implementing (an open good table) or what is known as (the Beneficent Table) benefited daily More than 200 fasting.Finally, the kitchen No. 4 in the District (Shouab), which benefited more than 500 families every day, distributed by volunteers from the region’s youth.

The director added that the kitchens project reaches daily to 1125 poor families, in addition to implementing the direct charitable distribution project for dates daily before the Maghrib call to the fasting men and passing cars in the streets and at traffic tours.
The head of the organization, Mohamed Al-Kabbous, affirmed their keenness to contribute to alleviating the burdens of living suffered by poor families, especially in light of the deteriorating living conditions caused by the current crisis. He noted the role of philanthropists in the Kuwaiti women’s humanitarian team and the well-to-do from the well-to-do merchants and businessmen to support such charitable projects. Pointing out to the humanitarian importance of charitable projects, some of which are gaining the status of relief due to the expansion of the cycle of poverty resulting from the deterioration of living and economic conditions and as a result of the exacerbation of the suffering of the responsible of the poor families.

He expressed the hope that the benefactors of businessmen and commercial houses in Yemen, as well as local, charitable and local humanitarian and regional humanitarian agencies, will contact with Sanid Organization and other organizations from relief organizations to alleviate the difficult deteriorating life situation that the conditions of war and political conflict imposed on the Yemeni people, which bear the poor Its biggest burden, especially victims of forced displacement.