Sanid Organization(SORD) implements the fifth phase to distribute food aid to vulnerable families in Ablas Area
October 12, 2020, Sanid Organization carried out the fifth phase of the distribution of food aid to vulnerable and malnourished families in the Ablas area of Hamadan district, Sana’a governorate.
The project manager, Riad Seif, stated that the project comes within the emergency response according to the plan drawn for the year 2020 of the Sanid organization in all sectors, including the food security sector.
He pointed out that the project implemented today the fifth distribution consecutive of beneficiary families
He added that the project targeted 100 beneficiary families from the displaced and host families suffering from severe malnutrition, for the fifth time in a row
He noted that the project targets the beneficiary families in six consecutive distributions according to the time plan of the project, stressing that this is in line with the standards set by the National Food Cluster (FSAC) .