In order to maintain environmental and health safety, Sanid warns of the dangers of random campaigns against stray dogs.
SANID has appealed to local authorities in the provinces of Abe and Aden, represented by the Hygiene Fund, to stop the mass extermination of stray and loose dogs in a way that exposes the country to the spread of epidemics and diseases in this way. Coordination is being carried out with the relevant authorities to work out a plan to reduce reproduction in Yemen.
A source in charge of the organization’s environmental protection unit called for an end to these campaigns, which are devoid of compassion and inhumanity in the fight against dogs, and called on the concerned authorities to commit to alternative, more humane methods that will reduce the spread of stray dogs.
For his part, the president of the organization Mohammed Hamid Al Kubous confirmed the readiness of the organization to send a specialized team from the environmental protection unit of the organization to provide consultations and procedural plans studied in the targeted areas to carry out the campaigns in more humane methods to reduce the risk of the spread of stray dogs and ensure the safety of the environment And the community in those areas.
He also confirmed the organization’s determination to coordinate with its international partners and international organizations involved in such campaigns through a team specialized in the environmental protection unit of the organization to provide the necessary assistance and technical support to ensure the safety of the environment and reduce the catastrophic risks posed by the implementation of these campaigns and in these ways Random.. He called on local authorities in the regions and cities that intend to carry out such campaigns to return organized to avoid the environmental and health risks that may result from these campaigns if they are carried out in the same random ways.