Sanid Organization visited the Japanese Embassy

Sanid Organization visited the Japanese Embassy In an official visit, Sanid organization visited the Japanese embassy to introduce its future projects to be financed by the embassy. During the meeting, Sanid delegates met with Mr. Mansour, the cultural officer in the embassy and they discussed with him several projects including the project of special education in Sanid Organization for relief and development. This official visit by Sanid included the presence of the following delegates: • Sanid Chairman: Mohammed Hameed Al-Kabos • Chairman of executive board: Tariq Mutahar • Director of international relations: Ameen Al-Hamdani • Media officer: Riyna Tawfeeq Al-Absi Sanid Organization organized training courses for its staff. Sanid organized a training course in public relations for its staff with the expert trainer Mr. Fahmi Al-Sarari.   f

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