Sanid Organization for Relief and Development implemented the Child Emergency Response Project in the field of food, in partnership with ACT.
Bashir Sefyan, the project manager, said that the implementation of the first stage of urgent aid was for the 72 malnourished children in the coastal Al-Thuhami family, with their families.
Sefyan added that the women field volunteers were fielded to select children according to the entry criteria for the forms of malnutrition and the acceptance criteria in the treatment stages.
Sefyan stated: The volunteers continue to follow up the cases and provide them with the necessary nutrition materials until January of next year, according to the project plan, so that there will be an improvement in their health conditions, in addition to expanding by targeting new cases in different regions of the governorates of the Republic.
For his part, the head of the organization, Muhammad Al-Kabbous, called on officials in the World Food and Health Program to interfere in such projects to save children’s lives from the famine that threatens the lives of Yemen’s children.
It is worth noting that the duration of this project, which is being built by Sanid Organization for  Relief and Development, would last three months.