In partnership with the  Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Foundation – Sanid Oorganization for  Relief and Development launches the Iftar project for fasting poor and needy families in the capital city – Sana’a 2017

Within the framework of its relief and charitable activities, and in partnership with the Indonesian act agency, Sanid Organization for Relief and Development implemented the fasting breakfast project for poor and needy families in the capital city – Sana’a , which was implemented this year in two parts, the first is tables for orphans, and the second is ready meals for poor families, as they were distributed in regions and neighborhoods aroun the city, prepared in the kitchen of the Orphan Development Foundation, where breakfast is prepared for the fasting person and distributed in the neighborhood of maintenance and renaissance.
On the other hand, ready meals were distributed and delivered to the homes of the needy families. During the inauguration, which was attended by officials from the Orphan Foundation,  Abdul-Rahman Al-Khawlani, Executive Director of Sanid Organization, indicated that this project aims in its first stage, which was considered by the Indonesian Foundation ACT, an important activity with  Sanid Organization for Relief and Development in Yemen to be attached to projects and programs that serve larger and broader sectors in the future, noting This project benefits daily from more than 170 poor families and orphans in the capital city and comes within the plan of charitable projects and humanitarian programs for the organization that aims to provide the needs of poor families who desperately need help during the holy month of Ramadan It is difficult to reach and it is in urgent need of care in the way of delivering services in addition to expanding the organization’s programs to include other social groups during the next stage.